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Steppin' into Spring with Pastels

Spring is just around the corner. Here in Scotland, I've have been noticing a lot more sunshine and warm weather. Wildflowers are popping up left, right and centre! I've started moving away from my darker burgundies and chocolates and making the effort to reach for brighter, lighter tones. Whenever the season changes I feel the urge to buy new nail polish; like my transformation from winter to spring, starts with my nails.

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MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Driftwood

I'm back after a long month long hiatus! To make the story short, I have been seriously struggling with finishing University and trying to decide what I'm now going to do with my life. The pressure got a little too much and so I've been living under a rock until now. Like, total social media blackout. I've also struggled with inspiration, and just generally feeling 'blue'. But I'm back and making the attempt to get back into the swing of things.

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Strobe Revolution Set

I'm so excited about this review. I have been wanting to do a review on it for a while, however it was limited edition at the time I bought it. However, I received an email this week announcing that it had been launched this week. The product is the Makeup Revolution HD Pro Strobe Revolution.

Barry M Colour Changing Lip Paint in Neptune

Remember way, way back, back to the very beginning of my blog. One of the very first products that I reviewed was the Barry M Lip Paint in the shade Genie. For those who don't know, Genie is an unusual colour changing lipstick. While it looks green in the tube, it turns a shade of pink on the lips that is supposed to be different for each person. It is supposed to be a result of the lipstick reacting to the alkaline level of the lips. 

April Monthly Beauty Favourites

Hi guys, remember me! Yeah, it's been a while since I've uploaded a post. I'm so sorry. April was a very busy month for me, preparing for my final exams. Fortunately, I only have two left and then I'm a slave to my blog again. I have a very large backlog of posts that I am so eager to share with you all. It's the start of May so I thought I'd sit down and do my April Beauty Favourites. I feel like I've been using some great products!

The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone

I have achieved a major highlighting goal: to own a BECCA highlighter! Ever since writing my highlighter post I have been itching to go out and find a new highlighter. With all the buzz that surrounds the BECCA highlighters, I decided that I would try them out.

March Beauty Monthly Favourites

Cliche alert, but where has this year gone already! Just handed in my final dissertation and my exams start at the end of the month! I could have sworn it was just January. That end of another month has come upon me on and so I would like to share with you all my March favourites. 

Product Empties | Would I Repurchase?

Being beauty obsessed, it's very rare I finish up a product. Whenever I see my empties bag getting fuller I feel so accomplished. For the past six months, I have been amassing all of the products that I've either finished or have gotten well past their expiration date. Not committing to a full declutter, but if I go to use a product and it seems 'off', I'll toss it in by empties bag. My largest struggle with this is that I'm always forgetting to pop my products in the bag. I share a bathroom, so I'll often find products that should be in my empties bag, in the bin. I need to get better about putting them straight in the bag.